Monday, May 28, 2012

Carving in reverse

"Reverse Carving" -- shavings on raw polymer, then cured

After playing with the new carving tools for a while, I noticed that the shavings from layered sheets were very cool-looking; sort of the reverse image of the original carved sheet. On a whim I saved them in a little box, thinking I might use them. So today--studio play day!--I took them out for a spin. Here's my first sheet, a micro-mosaic made from the shavings of the carved blue-on-orange Skinner blend sheet from a couple weeks ago. I put the shavings on the raw polymer, burnished them down securely, and cured the sheet. It seems quite solid, so the next step will be to saw out some shapes and file them, just as I did with the original carved sheet.


  1. Looks very interesting. Were your little shavings baked before you placed them on the sheet?

  2. Thank you, Jeanette!

    Claycass, yes. First I baked a stack of two Skinner blend sheets and carved that. I used that for other projects. Then I took the cured shavings and put them on the raw sheet, and baked that. They seem very stable.

  3. Un gran blog, te sigo. Besos desde españa